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The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Group strives to provide clients with compassionate and effective legal services.  We are an experienced personal injury group with a proven victory record in various types of legal situations. We are committed to protecting the rights of injury victims by fighting for a fair and reasonable settlement.

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Personal Injury Attorney

If you are ever involved in an accident that results in serious injuries, it can be both traumatic and devastating for you and your family. An unexpected situation like this can leave you confused, emotionally distraught, and not sure of what to do. Who will pay for your treatment? A personal injury attorney can provide you with the companionate and dedicated legal representation you require in such cases. Your initial priority after an injury is to make sure you receive the necessary medical treatment to begin the process of recovery. The legal staff at The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer will take care of the legal portion of your claim, ensuring you are protected with regard to the medical treatment you are entitled to. When it’s personal, you can depend on us.

Car Accident Lawyer

Our group provides legal representation for clients in various kinds of accidents, like car accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and boat accidents. The people who have fallen victim to drunk driving accidents, rollover accidents, or hit and run accidents should seek legal counsel before filing a claim for compensation. Most workers injured in on the job accidents usually need assistance with workers compensation claims, otherwise they may not receive the full benefits of workers compensation. We make ourselves readily available to discuss your case and ensure that your rights are preserved. We offer solid legal representation in a variety of injuries, including brain and spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, fractured bones, and injuries from an explosion. Legal council is available to families who have lost a loved one and are willing to file a wrongful death claim on their behalf.

Car Accident

Accident Attorney

Our law group takes great pride in the knowledge we have acquired from years of practicing  personal injury law and litigation.  When you make the choice of working with one of our personal injury attorneys, it is probably because you or a family member have been involved in a severe accident that resulted in an injury or even death. We are perpetually working to better ourselves so we can give out client the best outcome possible. If you or a family member have been the victim of a car accident, trucking accident, construction accident, or medical malpractice, you can relax in knowing we will do everything we can to get the compensation you deserve.

Q:  I had a lady slam on the brakes when a light turned yellow and I ran into the back of her.  I was following at a prudent distance, but her brake lights weren't working. She got a ticket for faulty equipment, but I got one for careless driving.  I'm stiff and sore all over and this happened two days ago.  I'm insured and so is she. I am pretty sure if it would have been avoidable if her brake lights were functioning.  Am I fully liable even though her brake lights were not working? Who covers the damage done to my car and doctors appointments?

A:  Your no fault coverage will take care of your medical expenses and lost wages up to $10,000 with basic coverage.  A Florida Supreme Court ruling, Chiles vs. Beaudoin, holds that you may be deemed to be partly at fault, however, the lack of brake lights created an optical illusion if you will and that same ruling holds that she can be held civilly liable.  You probably also have questions about your car damage and your traffic ticket.  A consultation with one of our Orlando accident attorneys is free and we're more than happy to discuss this further, even after hours.  407.924.4566


Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: If I Rear End A Car With Non-Functional Brake Lights Who Is Liable?

POSTED ON MAY 28, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Construction Accident Question:  Is this work comp or auto insurance?  My brother was at work the other day pushing a heavy wheelbarrow (full of wet concrete) on a scaffold when a coworker leaped from an adjoining floor onto the scaffold, it sort of bowed, or bounced, and my brother and the wheelbarrow went off the scaffold and plummeted one story and a pickup truck from another subcontractor was going by and he hit the hood and fractured his leg and cut his forehead up real bad.  They took him right off to the emergency room of course.  Now his employer is discouraging him from filing a workers’ compensation claim and the hospital told him that his insurance on his own car will pay his medical bills and lost wages.  That’s crazy, right?  His car was two blocks away in an employee parking area and he was on the job.  Can you help him?

Car Accident Attorney:  Absolutely.  One, I can refer him to an attorney board certified in work comp.  Two, under our state no fault law, his own auto insurance pays medical expenses and lost wages up to $10,000 regardless of fault, and regardless of whether his vehicle was involved or not.  Lastly, if the driver of the pickup truck can be found to be even comparatively negligent, that is, partly at fault, I can ostensibly recover money for your brother for pain and suffering, which, considering a fractured leg, could be quite substantial.  He owes me absolutely nothing unless I do.  Our consultations are free and we are happy to meet after hours.  The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Group, 407-924-4566; we look forward to hearing from you!


Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: Construction Car Accident: Use Worker’s Comp Or Personal Car Insurance?

POSTED ON AUGUST 06, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Question: If A Pedestrian Is Hit By A Car, Why Does Their Own Car Insurance Pay For Medical Expenses?

Let’s say a pedestrian is crossing on a clear to walk signal, he is knocked to the ground by the driver of a pickup truck.  He is scraped up very badly and stiff and sore and did go to the emergency room from the scene.  The personnel at the hospital told him that his own auto insurance pays the medical bills since he owns a car that is insured.  This sounds crazy since his car wasn’t even involved.  What is the “legislative intent” of this if this is the law?

Car Accident Attorney:  Florida’s Motor Vehicle No Fault Law is designed to be all encompassing, that is a catch all so to speak for anyone injured in the operation, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle, since such causes more injuries than any other type of event.  You can bet that hospitals had a strong lobby in the 1970′s when the law was written.  Again if you are injured in the operation, maintenance or use of a regular highway passenger four wheeled vehicle (if you are on a motorcycle you are excluded though) you draw medical expense and lost wage coverage pursuant to state law in the following…


Accident Attorney: If A Pedestrian Is Hit By A Car, Why Does Their Own Car Insurance Pay For Medical Expenses?

POSTED ON DECEMBER 27, 2013 By Charles Franklin

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Franklin & Stites Launches New Auto Accident Website, Opens New Law Office

POSTED ON FEBRUARY 28, 2014 By Charles Franklin

We decided to create a website that is hyper focused on helping auto accidents victims. It provides a wealth of information about what to do/expect after an accident. The new site offers pro tips for:

While this new information is useful, we strongly recommend talking to one of our accident attorneys if you have been involved in a crash. Our no win no fee pricing allows anyone to hire a professional lawyer without worrying about coming up with the money to pay their services.

The Traveling Attorney

Service areas have been expanded from Orlando to most of central Florida. A new change includes in home visitations by our attorneys for new clients. Although we are busy, Franklin & Stites understands certain injuries prevent some clients from being able to travel. If this is the case we can schedule a time to visit you. We have driven to homes and hospitals all over central Florida to personally meet with new clients and listen to their stories.

New Location Opened

We have also opened a new law office at 133 West Robinson Street, Orlando, FL 32801. Walk-ins are welcome but we highly recommend calling to schedule an appointment prior to coming in. Our attorneys are usually very busy, so scheduling an appointment is best. As usual, new client consultations are free. Office hours are the same, we are here from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Monday through Friday. Saturdays we are open by appointment only. Often times the phone is still answered after hours. If your schedule does not permit you to meet with us when we are open we can set up a time to meet with you after hours.

The new site can be viewed at:

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