Attorney Q&A: City Bus Accident – Did I wait too long to see a doctor?

Orlando Bus Accident Lawsuit

Q:  I had an accident a little over a month ago where I was rear-ended by a city bus, real hard impact.  Even though I’ve read some of what you’ve said
in the past, I kept thinking I would get better, just a little low back pain so I didn’t go to a doctor.  Well, now it’s killing me and I’m having a hard time
even getting out of bed in the morning.  Since I waited more than 14 days, will the folks handling for the bus company pay my medical bills?

A:  The Fifth District Court of Appeals (the Fifth Judicial District is essentially central Florida) ruled years ago that for accidents that happen in this District,
pursuant to Stephens vs. Renardthat a driver who had not paid his insurance premium and whose coverage was lapsed nonetheless should not have
what would ordinarily have been paid by no fault coverage subtracted at the conclusion of a trial of their case.  This is very similar to what you describe
and moreover, our Motor Vehicle No Fault Law remains otherwise unchanged, so your medical expenses would be an “uncompensated economic damage”
and yes, payable by the adjusting company handling on behalf of the bus.  Equally, extensive case law in Florida holds that when you are injured
through the operation of a vehicle not covered by such no fault coverage, and city buses are specifically excluded from having to carry Personal Injury
Protection, compensation to you for pain and suffering is to not be subject to what we call our permanency threshold; simply put, you can collect
even for bruises, muscular strains, and the like.  So overall my answer is yes, I believe I can get your medical bills paid and still put money in
your pocket for pain and suffering.  An Orlando personal injury lawyer should be able help you with this case. we look forward to hearing from you.

TL:DR Man struck by bus wanted to know if the bus company would pay his medical bills even though he did not go the the doctor for a month. In short, the answer is yes.

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