Attorney Q&A: Golf Cart Hit By Car – Can You Use Your Auto Policy?

golf cart hit by car

Q:  I was in a golf cart the other day going through the parking lot of my favorite club when a brand new Cadillac backed into me, knocking the golf cart over and throwing me to the pavement.  It skinned up my arm pretty good and now it turns out I’ve got a chip fracture in the elbow and a ligament tear in my shoulder.  They’re talking about doing surgery on both.  As I said, it was a new Cadillac, and he had one of the larger insurance companies.  Now being in a golf cart, am I also entitled to that no fault coverage from my own auto policy?

A:  No.  A golf cart is an excluded class of vehicle under the law.  That said, there’s also good news.  There’s no permanency threshold to surpass (I can explain that in person in more depth) therefore settlements providing there’s sufficient coverage are usually quite substantial.
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