Attorney Q&A: Are Motorscooter Accidents Eligible For Florida’s No Fault Coverage?

motorscooter lawsuit
Q:  I was riding my scooter (two wheeled) to the convenience store the other day when a driver ran a red light and knocked me to the pavement.

My arm is has road rash real bad and my left knee is bruised and really sore and painful. The other guy got a ticket and has a well known insurance company.

I read that pedestrians and bicyclists can receive no fault coverage and I happen to own a car.  Do I get that PIP coverage?  Do I use his insurance or my own to pay for my damaged scooter and medical bills? If so, would I have to file a motorscooter lawsuit of some sort?

A:  Motorscooters, like motorcycles, are an excluded class of vehicle under our No Fault Law.  So no, unfortunately you don’t draw the $10,000 in medical expense and lost wage coverage.  However, you can collect from the at fault driver’s insurance company for ANY injury with no special qualifications, and that includes not just pain and suffering but medical bills as well.  We can certainly help.  Our consultations are free and you can reach us even after hours.  407-924-4566; we look forward to hearing from you!

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