Attorney Q&A: Does Florida No Fault Insurance Cover Pedestrians If They Are Hit By A Car?

Q:  I was crossing the street the other day with a “clear to walk” sign for pedestrians (I have two witnesses and they spoke to the police) and got hit by a van that had a floral company logo on the side.  It knocked me down to the pavement, really skinned up my right elbow real bad, and my right knee (not to mention my neck and back) is killing me.  I don’t own a vehicle, and I live by myself.  Obviously, I wasn’t in a car.  I would assume since I was not driving a car I would not get Florida No Fault coverage…am I wrong? Do I have a case to help pay for these outrageous medical bills? Is there such thing as a pedestrian hit by car lawsuit?
pedestrian hit by car
A:  You are entitled to no fault coverage, from the vehicle that hit you.
Under the order of priority of our state No Fault Law, since you do not own a vehicle, and do not live with a relative who owns a vehicle, and as you did not occupy a vehicle, a pedestrian (or bicyclist) in this one relatively rare instance is entitled to $10,000 in medical expense and lost wage benefits from the vehicle that causes their injury(ies).  You also have a cause of action versus this insurance carrier for pain and suffering.  As this appears to be a commercial vehicle, the coverage is probably quite substantial. Looking for a Orlando accident attorney should always be your next step after going to the hospital.

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