Attorney Q&A: What Type Of Auto Insurance Coverage Should My Wife & I Get?

husband and wife auto insurance
Q:  I am about to renew my auto insurance policy.  My wife and I have spoken at length about which company to choose, and we’ve gotten a lot of quotes on premiums.  What can you tell me about the coverages to choose? What type of auto insurance coverage should my wife and I get?

A:  You and your wife know your financial situation best and what you can afford.  Two recommendations stand out.  One, get a rate quote on Personal Injury Protection (under out state’s No Fault Law your own insurance company pays medical expenses and lost wages up to $10,000 combined no matter who’s at fault) with no deductible if you currently carry one. It is better to know what your auto insurance policy covers in case you have to contact a auto accident attorney. Florida allows up to a $1,000.00 deductible, and if you or your family are injured, an ambulance ride to the emergency room, by the time you count the hospital bill, a separate bill from the ER physician, and radiologist who reads any x-rays can easily amount to around a thousand dollars, and if you carry that large deductible, you’re out of pocket. The increase in your premium is negligible.  Two, carry uninsured motorist protection.  Far too many drivers on Florida highways do not carry bodily injury liability coverage, and this compensates you for pain and suffering even if the other driver was not insured or inadequately insured.  This is one of the cheaper coverages you can carry and is so very valuable.

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