Attorney Q&A: Who Pays For My Medical Bills After A Car Accident With The Company Vehicle?

company car accident

Q:  I got rearended at a red light the other day driving a company vehicle while I was on the clock.  I did go to a Centra Care to get checked out, and I have some soreness, but there seemed to be a real debate with their billing department as to whether to bill my own auto insurance (my car wasn’t even involved!) or workers’ compensation (which has my boss rather agitated) or my group health insurance.  The guy who rearended me has apparently good insurance, they’re already fixing the company truck.  Should I bother hiring a car accident lawyer in Orlando? Who Pays For My Medical Bills After A Car Accident With The Company Vehicle?

A:  Absolutely.  The Florida Supreme Court has held in such situations that there is no primacy between workers’ compensation benefits and no fault coverage (which would indeed come from your personal vehicle’s policy under state law even though your car was not involved).  Both no fault coverage and work comp pay medical expenses and lost wages.  You can use either one.  Group health would not be primary because the treatment is related to an auto accident.  It is to your benefit to use your no fault coverage (check with your agent; they cannot increase your rates nor drop you nor refuse to renew you) because work comp has a right to regain at least a portion of their money from any settlement you achieve.  It would behoove you to at least consult with a work comp lawyer, though.  We can also assist you in recovering money to compensate you for pain, suffering, anguish and inconvenience; You would not owe us any money unless we are able to to obtain compensation on your behalf.

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