Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: Do I Use My Own Car Insurance If I am Hit By A Car While Riding My Bicycle?

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Q:  I was on my bicycle the other day and had a clear to cross pedestrian signal and a driver ran the red light and knocked me down to the pavement.  My arm got badly scraped and I know will result in significant scarring and I broke my index finger on my left hand.  I do own a car and I’ve read up about no fault coverage. I also know I carry uninsured motorist protection.  I did go to an emergency room right after the accident.

A field adjuster for the driver’s insurance company came out and offered to cut me a check for my bicycle, but also stated my own coverage pays my medical bills, but that they would offer me $5,000 for my injuries for pain and suffering, and that there was only a maximum of $10,000 in liability coverage, and if I hired a orlando accident attorney, they’d just eat it up with lawyer’s fees and expenses. Do I use my own car insurance if I am hit by a car while riding my bicycle? What are your thoughts?

A:  I’m thankful you sought treatment right away.  It is true that your auto coverage pays medical expenses (and lost wages where they apply) up to $10,000 with basic coverage.  That said, insurance adjusters are sneaky and are trained to pay out as little as they can.  Since you carry uninsured motorist protection, you can pursue that in addition to the at fault driver’s liability coverage and we can be sure that $10,000 is all they carry and again, pursue the additional coverage to make it a larger settlement for you.  I can tell you that with significant scarring and a fractured finger alone (and we don’t yet know the full extent of your injuries obviously) it’s a case worth a lot more than $10,000 for pain and suffering.  Candidly, hiring an attorney puts an insurance company’s nose to the grindstone as they must either pay equitably and promptly or face a lawsuit.  Our consultations are free and we’re happy to meet after hours.  407-924-4566; we look forward to hearing from you!

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