Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: If I Rear End A Car With Non-Functional Brake Lights Who Is Liable?

functioning brake lights

Q:  I had a lady slam on the brakes when a light turned yellow and I ran into the back of her.  I was following at a prudent distance, but her brake lights weren’t working. She got a ticket for faulty equipment, but I got one for careless driving.  I’m stiff and sore all over and this happened two days ago.  I’m insured and so is she. I am pretty sure if it would have been avoidable if her brake lights were functioning.  Am I fully liable even though her brake lights were not working?

A:  Yes.  Your no fault coverage will take care of your medical expenses and lost wages up to $10,000 with basic coverage.  A Florida Supreme Court ruling, Chiles vs. Beaudoin, holds that you may be deemed to be partly at fault, however, the lack of brake lights created an optical illusion if you will and that same ruling holds that she can be held civilly liable.  You probably also have questions about your car damage and your traffic ticket.  A consultation with one of our Orlando accident attorneys is free and we’re more than happy to discuss, even after hours.  407.924.4566

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