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Bicycle Accident Attorney Q&A: Who Pays Medical Bills If A Motorized Bicycle Is Struck By A Bus?

Bicycle Accident Victim:  I was on my bicycle the other day and it has one of those small motors that makes it more of like a motorscooter and [..]

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What To Do If You Are Hit By A Car In A Parking Lot

Auto Accident Victim: I was walking to my car at a convenience store the other day and a parked car backed up suddenly, they were in a real hurry, [..]

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Accident Attorney Q&A: Taxi I Was Riding In Was Rear Ended, Who Pays For My Medical Bills?

Q:  I took a taxi home from the Orlando airport the other day, well, almost home…we got rearended at a red light.  The police came out and the [..]

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Accident Attorney Q&A: What Can I Do To Help Make Sure My Auto Accident Case Is Settled Quickly?

Q:  A buddy of mine got in an accident two years ago and he said it’s taking forever with his lawyer to get things done.  I had an [..]

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Do You Hire A Car Accident Lawyer Even If Your Injuries Are Minor?

Q:  My friend was in an car accident six months ago and he said the other day he feels like his attorney’s philosophy is “We shouldn’t be costing [..]

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Attorney Q&A: If You Are Financially Successful, What Car Insurance Will Best Protect You?

Q:  I’ve read what you’ve said about there not being a precise formula for calculating auto accident settlements.  I’ve clearly understood that sometimes there are devastating injuries and [..]

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