Attorney Q&A: If You Are Financially Successful, What Car Insurance Will Best Protect You?

financially successful
Q:  I’ve read what you’ve said about there not being a precise formula for calculating auto accident settlements.  I’ve clearly understood that sometimes there are devastating injuries and minimal insurance.  My wife and I are both employed and fairly successful financially.  I would never want to see that destroyed.  How best can we protect ourselves?

A:  You know your financial situation better than anyone.  Get a rate quote from your insurance agent regarding uninsured motorist protection.  It protects you three ways…versus an at fault driver who has no insurance (or no bodily injury liability coverage; Florida doesn’t require it), against an at fault driver who has inadequate insurance (an underinsured motorist) and in phantom vehicle situations (like hit and runs where the other driver keeps going).  You will find it to be relatively inexpensive coverage even for fairly large limits.  Purchase as much as you can afford and you’re pretty well covered.  If you have further questions, call for a free consultation, 407-924-4566, and bring in your policy.  We will go over your coverages in depth with you.

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