Bicycle Accident Attorney Q&A: Who Pays Medical Bills If A Motorized Bicycle Is Struck By A Bus?

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Bicycle Accident Victim:  I was on my bicycle the other day and it has one of those small motors that makes it more of like a motorscooter and got hit in a crosswalk by a city bus.  Thankfully there was a witness that saw I had a clear to cross sign and the police came out and ticketed the bus driver.  I got all scraped up and my bike was trashed.  I didn’t ask for an ambulance but saw our family doctor two days later.  I’m married and my wife owns a car and I’m on the policy, too.  Do I get that no fault coverage and can you help me versus the company handling claims for the bus?  They contacted me and asked several questions.

Orlando Accident Attorney:  We can absolutely help you.  Even though motorized, you are considered a bicyclist and are entitled to no fault coverage up to $10,000 or more.  Moreover, since you were hit by a city bus, you do not have to sustain by definition a permanent injury in order to recover money for pain and suffering.  I can also recover for the damage to your bicycle and I do that for free; unless I recover money specifically for pain and suffering you owe us nothing.

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