Do You Hire A Car Accident Lawyer Even If Your Injuries Are Minor?

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Q:  My friend was in an car accident six months ago and he said the other day he feels like his attorney’s philosophy is “We shouldn’t be costing insurance companies all this money.”  He’s still hurting but his lawyer is encouraging him to quit treatment so he can submit a quick settlement. Now, my wife was in an minor car accident yesterday and I was not sure if we should bother hiring a car accident lawyer or not.  I’m concerned about the cost of hiring one because I hear they are expensive.  Also I keep hearing that if everyone sued the insurance company after a car accident the rates for everyone would go up. What can you tell us?

A:  Our firm just resolved another minor accident case for $100,000.00 this afternoon and there is still another layer of insurance coverage to pursue in that case. So yes, it would benefit you to at least talk to a attorney about your case. Regarding our legal fees, you do not owe us anything unless we are able to secure a settlement for you. I can tell you that insurance companies cry poormouth and try to convince the public that pursuing an injury claim, even getting the treatment you need, is somehow unjust.  Yet all the major insurance companies are making record profits with their CEO’s voting themselves nice bonuses.  I also can tell you that with The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer, we want to know the full extent of your injuries and to see to it that you are fully compensated.  We work hard to make sure you receive the highest compensation possible. Hopefully your friend was joking because quitting treatment early is a terrible idea. If he quits treatment early, the insurance company would be able to argue that his injuries were not a severe as originally thought. Our consultations are free and we’re happy to meet after hours including on weekends.  407-924-4566; we look forward to hearing from you!

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