Accident Attorney Q&A: Taxi I Was Riding In Was Rear Ended, Who Pays For My Medical Bills?

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Q:  I took a taxi home from the Orlando airport the other day, well, almost home…we got rearended at a red light.  The police came out and the other driver got a ticket.  It was a big hit, a lot of damage to the taxi, really crumpled the bumper and trunk lid.  I’ve read about Florida’s no fault coverage so I called my own auto insurance company and they said I don’t get the coverage because I was in a taxicab.  The other vehicle was a commercial van for a bakery and their insurance company has already contacted me and want to settle.  I’m sore all over; I should probably see a doctor but I am afraid I will not be able to afford it. Can you help me or do I need to find a taxi accident attorney specialist of some sort?

A:  We can certainly help you.  Your insurance company is correct because taxicabs are an excluded class of vehicle under our No Fault Law.  That said, the insurance company for the commercial (bakery) vehicle will be responsible for your medical bills and money to you for pain and suffering with no particular requirement regarding your injuries; you do not have to meet the permanent injury requirement.  You do not have to seek treatment within any specified time frame, but obviously the sooner the better and we can help.  Our consultations are free and we’re more than happy to meet after hours including weekends.

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