Accident Attorney Q&A: What Can I Do To Help Make Sure My Auto Accident Case Is Settled Quickly?

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Q:  A buddy of mine got in an accident two years ago and he said it’s taking forever with his lawyer to get things done.  I had an accident two days ago and want to be sure I’m fully compensated but don’t want it to take forever.  What can I do to help make sure my auto accident case is settled quickly?

A:  You should focus on healing by immediately seeking medical treatment. If you are not sure which doctor to go to we can point you in the right direction. We simply need for you to reach maximum medical improvement, the stage where your doctor releases you, and sends us a final report. On average, that takes three or four months.  We put in a demand for settlement, and usually resolve cases, for a good sum, within thirty days. Granted, if a lawsuit must be filed, it can take a year or more, as we go through the discovery process (depositions and the like) and it’s dependent on the trial court’s schedule as well.  That said, most often insurance companies settle because they know we will file suit if they don’t, and we settle for maximum value.  Our consultations are free and we’re happy to meet even after hours.  407-924-4566

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