Accident Attorney Q&A: Broken Leg After Hit By Car, Their Insurance Says Use Own Auto Insurance?

broken leg after hit by car

Q:  My wife got hit by a car while she was crossing a crosswalk.  There was a witness that she had a clear to cross sign and the police cited the driver.
The accident broke her leg and scraped her up real bad.  The driver’s insurance company said that our own auto insurance would pays her medical bills.  That’s sound ridiculous because our car wasn’t even involved.  But they did offer us $1,000.00 as their way of saying they are sorry for what my wife was put through.  Can you help us? We are just trying to get her medical bills paid and get on with our lives.

A:  Absolutely.  While on the one hand they are correct that a pedestrian hit by a car draws their medical expense and lost wage benefits up to $10,000 from their own auto policy, regardless of fault, and regardless of whether or not the vehicle was involved, what they are trying to do is get you and your wife to sign a release for a mere $1,000.00.  I can tell you a fractured leg is worth much more than a thousand dollars. Our consultations are free and we’re happy to meet after hours.  The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Group; 407-924-4566; we look forward to hearing from you!

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