Accident Attorney Q&A: Car Accident With A Suspended License – Does It Affect Your Case?

driving drunk

Q:  My license was suspended when I got hit by a drunk driver at a red light, they arrested him (he ran into the back of me).  The police gave me his insurance information.
I am very stiff and sore but my family doesn’t think I should pursue it because I was driving with a suspended license. It was only temporarily suspended because I had forgot to pay a previous traffic ticket. Do I even have a case if I hire a car accident lawyer in Orlando?

A:  The suspension of your license has nothing to do with liability in civil claims for damages.  The fact that the defendant driver was DUI enhances the value of your claim.
Your own auto insurance pays your medical expenses and lost wages without regard to fault under state law.  You should immediately seek medical treatment if you have not already.  I can most likely recover money for you for pain and suffering and you owe me nothing if I do not.  Our consultations are free and we are more than happy to meet
after hours.  The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Group is here to fight for your rights; 407-924-4566; we look forward to hearing from you!

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