Accident Attorney Q&A: Who Is Responsible If The Bus You Are Riding On Gets Into An Accident?

city bus accident

Bus accident victim:  I was on a city bus and we were hit by a commercial truck.  The truck driver was ticketed and I and two other passengers got thrown into the floor.  I’m bruised, sore, and my back is stiff. I am not sure which insurance to go through to help my back. What should I do?

Orlando Accident Attorney: A city bus is an excluded class of vehicle under our state no fault law.  Medical expenses will have to be paid from settlement, however, you can also
collect money for pain and suffering without any particular qualification for the injuries.  Stiff and soreness, as well as bruising, count.  You owe us nothing
unless we recover money for you.  The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer; 407-924-4566

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