In A Car Accident While Driving Taxi, Who Pays My Medical Bills?


Taxi Driver Question:  I was driving a taxicab last weekend and got rearended by another car real hard.  I did go to the emergency room and I’m still stiff and sore all over. My boss says I don’t get work comp because I am an independent contractor and my auto insurance company says I don’t get those no fault benefits because I was in a taxi.  The other guy’s insurance company is one of those big national companies and they offered me $500.00.  I don’t think that will even cover the emergency room.  Can you help me?

Orlando Auto Accident Attorney:  Yes.  Taxis are excluded under Florida’s No Fault Law but that also means the at fault driver’s insurance company is responsible for medical bills, lost wages AND money for pain and suffering with no particular requirement for the injury(ies).  I believe we can do a lot better than $500.00 and I usually put thousands of dollars in my client’s pocket(s) after deduction for attorney’s fees.  Unless I recover money for you, you owe me
nothing.  The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Group…407-924-4566; we look forward to hearing from you!

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