Motorcycle lawyer Q&A: I Was Hit By A Car While Sitting On My Motorcycle, Do I Have A Case?

motorcycle accident attorney drivingMotorcycle accident victim:  I was at Bike Week and was sitting on my motorcycle in front of a bar and this drunk driver careened into me and two other bikers, knocking us down to the ground. I got scraped up pretty bad and whisked off to the emergency room.  I admit I had had a few drinks myself (if that makes a difference) but no blood was drawn at the hospital.  He was arrested for DUI and his insurance company contacted my buddies, then me, about repairs to our bikes.  They also said they might give me some money for my injuries.  What do you think?

Motorcycle Accident attorney:  That insurance company has to be concerned that in cases where their insured is nailed for DUI, it often becomes a much bigger case money wise.  Also, as you were on a motorcycle there is no particular qualification for your injury to collect, which traditionally means more money also.  You were not driving the motorcycle so the fact you had been drinking is irrelevant.  On average, we would collect considerably more money for you than anything they might offer now.  Our consultations are free and we are happy to meet after hours.

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