My Dog Was In A Car Accident With Me: Who Pays His Vet Bills?

dog in car accident

Auto Accident Question:  I was in an accident three days ago.  The other guy was clearly at fault.  His insurance company contacted me about repairing my truck.  I did go see a doctor, but I’m still stiff and sore although they prescribed me some muscle relaxers.  My dog was in the front passenger seat and he got hurt too; I took him to the vet and his treatment was pretty expensive.  Is it possible to get the other driver to pay for my dog’s vet bills?

Car Accident Attorney:  There is a good argument the at fault driver’s liability insurance should pay for your pet’s treatment.  You are entitled to $10,000 in medical expense and lost wage benefits from your own auto insurance policy regardless of who is at fault.  The at fault driver’s carrier may also owe you money for pain and suffering and you would owe us absolutely nothing unless we collect that benefit for you.  We handle the vehicle damage and all that goes with it, towing, storage, rental car, etc. medical expenses and lost wages for free.

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