Neighbor’s Car Backed Into Me When I Was Walking, Does His Insurance Pay My Medical Bills?


Car Accident Victim Question:  I was walking my dog down the sidewalk the other day when my neighbor from across the street backed into me. I know he did not mean to but I guess he just was not paying attention. He admitted his fault to the police, but there were no tickets.  My knee is scraped up real bad and sore, it’s clicking in fact.  I did go to a Centra Care.  Shouldn’t his insurance company pay my medical bills?  Plus, I missed two days of work.  Can you help me?

Orlando Accident Attorney:  Yes, definitely.  If you own a vehicle, believe it or not, your own auto insurance pays your medical expenses and lost wages regardless of who was at fault and even though your vehicle was not involved.  That said, depending on the nature of your injuries, I can probably collect money for you for pain and suffering on top of that; indeed, unless I do, you owe us nothing, absolutely nothing.  Our consultations are free and we are happy to meet after hours, including weekends.

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