Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: What Happens If You Are In A Car Accident With No Insurance?

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Car Accident Victim:  I was with a buddy out in an antique (and so registered with the state) pickup, and another guy ran a red light and slammed into the driver’s door.
There were two witnesses, and the other driver looked like he had good insurance.  Because of the age of the old truck, my buddy accidentally let his insurance lapse.  I do own a pickup of my own and it’s insured. After taking a trip to the emergency room, I checked out for minor bruising but the doctor’s told my buddy that his left arm is fractured.
Am I able to use my insurance to help pay for my friend’s doctor bills? What should we do from here?

Orlando Accident Attorney: Unfortunately, your friend will not be able to use your car insurance unless he was listed on your policy. However, you will be able to draw your medical expense and lost wage benefits up to $10,000 from your own auto insurance even though your truck was not involved in the accident.
Your friend may frankly be out of luck on such no fault coverage if indeed his no fault coverage was lapsed. There are still options though. We can possibly recover money for the both of you from the at fault driver’s insurance company to compensate for pain and suffering (and for your friend his medical expenses and lost wages) depending on the nature of your injuries.  Unless we do recover money for you you owe us nothing. We do not get paid unless you get paid.

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