Slip And Fall Accident: Twisted Knee In Parking Lot Pot Hole While Getting Into Car

public parking lot

Accident Victim:  I fell in a parking lot while getting into my car.  I had opened the door and was in the process of getting in when I stepped in a pothole, pretty big and deep one (I took pictures) and twisted my knee and fell flat to the pavement.  The store offered me an ambulance, but I felt pretty stupid and figured I would be okay, but my knee and lower back have only gotten worse.  That was three days ago and I did see my family doctor.  Can you help me?

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney:  Yes.  Case law is clear that the act of entering a vehicle is such that your own auto insurance will pay up to $10,000 in medical expense and lost wage coverage with basic protection. You do not have to worry about a raise in rates or them dropping you.  I would like to review the pictures but it sounds as though the pothole is a negligent condition and we can have the property owner’s liability insurance carrier pay you for pain and suffering.  

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