Why Most Lawyers Work To Get You The Highest Settlement Possible

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Q:  A friend of mine was in an accident last year and now feels like his lawyer is forcing him to settle for only few thousand dollars.  He’s got some real injuries that still bother him.  I was in an accident three days ago and my car was tore up and I’m really sore and got cut up.  I want to hire a lawyer that will get me the most settlement money.  How do I know that will happen?

A:  Regarding your friend, there is usually so sort of reasoning for a low settlement offer. Maybe your friend was proven to be partially responsible? Percentage lawyers have a larger incentive to get you the highest settlement possible. Most law firms work by taking a small percentage of the total settlement, the higher the settlement, the more money everyone gets paid. You may rest assured that I and this law firm do not take lowball offers from insurance companies and if necessary will take it to a jury and let them decide. Our consultations are free and we will go over in depth with you the parameters of the Florida No Fault Law, who pays for what, your prior medical history, the mechanics of how the accident occurred, the nature of your injuries and a probable outcome.

You do not owe us anything unless we recover money for you specifically for pain and suffering and as I work on a percentage basis, the more money I make my client(s), the more we make, and again, we are going to maximize your recovery.

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