Finger Broken After Car Accident: Do I Really Need A Lawyer?


Broken Finger Question:  Do I really need a lawyer?  Or better yet, why should I hire one?  I got hit by a company vehicle the other night and wound up with a broken little finger. Yes, I’m sore, but my parents always taught me to carry on and not to whine.  I can still work, and the other guy’s insurance company is paying for my car damage, which was pretty bad.  I did go to the emergency room and had my finger splinted and I will follow up with an  orthopedist.  So do I really need an attorney? The other guy’s insurance company is paying the 20% of medical bills not paid by my no fault overage and offered an additional $500.

Orlando Car Accident Lawyer A fractured little finger is worth a lot more than five hundred dollars generally.  Do you know the full effect that will have on your future life?
Moreover, do you know the full extent of your injuries without benefit of a CT scan or MRI?  Many times simple soreness is worse than you might think.  We can help.  You owe us nothing unless we recover money for you for pain and suffering.  The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Group, happy to meet with you after hours including weekends, too.  407-924-4566 we look forward to hearing from you!

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