Golf Cart Knocked Over By Car: Am I Eligible For No Fault Coverage?


Golf Cart Accident Question:  I was in a golf cart the other day, negotiating a golf cart cross, when a car backed into me and knocked the cart over.  I’m very sore, and it scraped up my left arm real bad.  Probably going to scar.  The security people at the golf club found the driver at fault (he admitted it) and gave me his insurance information.  One, do I get this Florida no fault coverage I have been hearing about and two, do I have a legitimate case?

Auto Accident Attorney Of Orlando:  Yes.  Being in a golf cart, you do not receive no fault benefits.  However, that means your medical expenses are payable by the at fault driver’s insurance company and there is no particular requirement for the type of injury to recover money for pain and suffering in addition to medical expenses and lost wages.  If I do not recover money for you specifically for pain and suffering, you owe me nothing.  We are happy to meet after hours including weekends and explain your full potential rights and benefits whether you hire us or not.  The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Group, 407-924-4566; We look forward to hearing from you!

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