Don’t Ignore Soreness After A Car Accident, Doctor’s Visits Are Covered (14 Days)

radiograph of ankle after car accidentA revision to Florida’s Motor Vehicle No Fault Law which took place on January 1, 2013, requires that Florida residents injured in auto accidents seek medical treatment within fourteen (14) days of an accident or they lose $10,000.00 in medical expense and lost wage coverage from their own policy no matter who is at fault! Society teaches us to keep marching on, in a manner of speaking, and if you are suffering “only” some stiffness and/or soreness, may feel that you don’t need to see a doctor.  In light of the preceding, nothing could be further from the truth.  Your injury(ies) may be more serious than you realize.  At least get checked out with plain film x-rays or preferably have an MRI taken, to be sure there is no objective pathology such as a disk injury in your spine or ligament or meniscal tear in a joint.  At least this way you (1) know the full extent of your injury and (2) have preserved the ten thousand dollars in medical expense and lost wage benefits should your symptoms / injuries become worse.

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