Florida’s PIP Minimum Deductible Requirement Lowered In Recent Years

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Florida’s PIP Minimum Deductible Requirement Lowered In Recent Years
We’ve spoken a great deal about the legislative intent of the Florida Motor Vehicle No Fault Law in general.  Now let’s talk about the importance of knowing what a deductible on your No Fault coverage means and that will segue to our discussion tomorrow of know full well the importance of uninsured motorist protection.

Until recent years Florida allowed a $2,000 deductible on such coverage with only eight thousand dollars out of a basic ten thousand dollars in coverage remaining once the deductible was surpassed.

Currently, Florida allows only a one thousand dollar ($1,000.00) deductible with a full $10,000.00 in coverage after the deductible is, again, surpassed.  Remember, under state law your own insurance pays medical expenses and wage loss no matter who was at fault, and they pay medical expenses with basic coverage at 80%.  The at fault driver’s insurance company pays the other 20% of medical expenses regardless of the type of injury as long as it is related to the accident but that’s it.

An ambulance ride alone, along with the hospital bill, the emergency room doctor’s bill (generally separate from the hospital) and radiologist’s bill (who read any x-rays taken) can easily tally $1,000 or more.  Can you afford $1,000 out of your pocket?  Remember, the at fault driver’s carrier only pays 20%.  Get with your agent.  You will find the rate for a zero (0) deductible compared with the largest $1,000 deductible to be only a few premium dollars more.  As stated this will lead to our discussion tomorrow of uninsured motorist protection to keep from owing money out of pocket.  The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer is here to answer any questions you may have!

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