Why Uninsured Motorist Protection Is So Important In Florida

uninsured motorist protects you 3 ways
Recall our discussion of the legislative intent of our no fault law, to get your medical expenses and lost wages paid at statutorily (by law) mandated percentages regardless of who was at fault in an auto accident.

In that discussion, consumers must understand that Florida allows a one thousand dollar ($1,000.00) deductible on such coverage and insurance agents are famous for, so to speak, not thoroughly explaining the coverages you choose.  Indeed, the term “full coverage” often is a misnomer, actually meaning you have the minimum coverage to register, tag and operate your vehicle in Florida.

Which leads us to the importance of uninsured motorist protection which acts inclusively as underinsured motorist protection.  It protects you three ways:

1.  For the 20% of medical bills and 40% of average gross wage that no fault benefits don’t cover if the driver who caused your accident is uninsured either through (a) not paying their premium(s) on time and their coverage is lapsed or (b) they carry state minimum coverage and Florida does not require bodily injury liability coverage (although they should in our opinion), as well as pain and suffering if you suffer a chronic, or lasting, injury, even of a muscular nature.

2.  Against an inadequately insured, or underinsured, motorist, when their coverage is not enough to pay your out of pocket expenses and pain and suffering compensation for more serious injuries.

3.  In phantom vehicle situations which most think of as a “hit and run”.  But it doesn’t have to be a hit and run, another vehicle can as an example errantly cause you to veer, or swerve, and hit another vehicle or an object such as a utility pole, injure you, and keep going.

Talk to your agent.  Get a price quote on uninsured/underinsured motorist protection if you don’t have it.  You will find that it is one of the least expensive coverages available and again, protects you three ways.

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