Accident Attorney Q&A: Who Is Responsible If The Bus You Are Riding On Gets Into An Accident?

city bus accident

Bus accident victim:  I was on a city bus and we were hit by a commercial truck.  The truck driver was ticketed and I and two other passengers got thrown into the floor.  I’m bruised, sore, and my back is stiff. I am not sure which insurance to go through to help my back. What should I do?

Orlando Accident Attorney: A city bus is an excluded class of vehicle under our state no fault law.  Medical expenses will have to be paid from settlement, however, you can also
collect money for pain and suffering without any particular qualification for the injuries.  Stiff and soreness, as well as bruising, count.  You owe us nothing
unless we recover money for you.  The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer; 407-924-4566

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Why Most Lawyers Work To Get You The Highest Settlement Possible

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Q:  A friend of mine was in an accident last year and now feels like his lawyer is forcing him to settle for only few thousand dollars.  He’s got some real injuries that still bother him.  I was in an accident three days ago and my car was tore up and I’m really sore and got cut up.  I want to hire a lawyer that will get me the most settlement money.  How do I know that will happen?

A:  Regarding your friend, there is usually so sort of reasoning for a low settlement offer. Maybe your friend was proven to be partially responsible? Percentage lawyers have a larger incentive to get you the highest settlement possible. Most law firms work by taking a small percentage of the total settlement, the higher the settlement, the more money everyone gets paid. You may rest assured that I and this law firm do not take lowball offers from insurance companies and if necessary will take it to a jury and let them decide. Our consultations are free and we will go over in depth with you the parameters of the Florida No Fault Law, who pays for what, your prior medical history, the mechanics of how the accident occurred, the nature of your injuries and a probable outcome.

You do not owe us anything unless we recover money for you specifically for pain and suffering and as I work on a percentage basis, the more money I make my client(s), the more we make, and again, we are going to maximize your recovery.

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Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: What Happens If You Are In A Car Accident With No Insurance?

truck accident orlando

Car Accident Victim:  I was with a buddy out in an antique (and so registered with the state) pickup, and another guy ran a red light and slammed into the driver’s door.
There were two witnesses, and the other driver looked like he had good insurance.  Because of the age of the old truck, my buddy accidentally let his insurance lapse.  I do own a pickup of my own and it’s insured. After taking a trip to the emergency room, I checked out for minor bruising but the doctor’s told my buddy that his left arm is fractured.
Am I able to use my insurance to help pay for my friend’s doctor bills? What should we do from here?

Orlando Accident Attorney: Unfortunately, your friend will not be able to use your car insurance unless he was listed on your policy. However, you will be able to draw your medical expense and lost wage benefits up to $10,000 from your own auto insurance even though your truck was not involved in the accident.
Your friend may frankly be out of luck on such no fault coverage if indeed his no fault coverage was lapsed. There are still options though. We can possibly recover money for the both of you from the at fault driver’s insurance company to compensate for pain and suffering (and for your friend his medical expenses and lost wages) depending on the nature of your injuries.  Unless we do recover money for you you owe us nothing. We do not get paid unless you get paid.

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Motorcycle lawyer Q&A: I Was Hit By A Car While Sitting On My Motorcycle, Do I Have A Case?

motorcycle accident attorney drivingMotorcycle accident victim:  I was at Bike Week and was sitting on my motorcycle in front of a bar and this drunk driver careened into me and two other bikers, knocking us down to the ground. I got scraped up pretty bad and whisked off to the emergency room.  I admit I had had a few drinks myself (if that makes a difference) but no blood was drawn at the hospital.  He was arrested for DUI and his insurance company contacted my buddies, then me, about repairs to our bikes.  They also said they might give me some money for my injuries.  What do you think?

Motorcycle Accident attorney:  That insurance company has to be concerned that in cases where their insured is nailed for DUI, it often becomes a much bigger case money wise.  Also, as you were on a motorcycle there is no particular qualification for your injury to collect, which traditionally means more money also.  You were not driving the motorcycle so the fact you had been drinking is irrelevant.  On average, we would collect considerably more money for you than anything they might offer now.  Our consultations are free and we are happy to meet after hours.

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Car Accident Attorney Q&A: Should I Hire A Car Accident Attorney Even If Collision Was A “Minor Impact?”

car steering wheel

Q:  I got hit by a drunk driver last week.  He was arrested for DUI.  I did get checked out by a doctor.  On the one hand, the other driver’s insurance company is saying they might pay me a little money (like a couple of hundred) for my injuries, but they keep saying it was a “minor impact” and wondering how could possibly be hurt.  Well, it wasn’t any minor impact to me.  I was walloped, and hit the steering wheel.  It really damaged the drunk driver’s car.  Granted, it only cost a little over five hundred dollars to repair my rear bumper, but I feel I should be compensated, especially if this pain is not going to go away. What should I do from here?

A:  There was a case tried in Osceola County a few years back where the at fault driver’s insurance company argued that….”minor impact” and that it was “only” a muscular strain.  Nonetheless, the jury came back with over sixty thousand dollars as an award.  All cases can be different, but the fact the defendant was driving drunk adds monetary value to your claim and I believe it’s safe to say it’s worth a lot more than a few hundred dollars for pain and suffering.  Our consultations are free with no obligation and we are happy to meet after hours.  The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer 407-924-4566

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Attorney Q&A: At Fault Driver’s Insurance Is Refusing To Pay For Damages After Auto Accident: What Can I Do?

car driver

Q:  The at fault driver’s insurance company is refusing to pay for damages after our car crash. My accident was four days ago, and I’m still pretty sore.
The place where my car was towed wrote up an estimate for the repair, and the other guy’s insurance company went out and only want to pay like half the damages.  He was clearly at fault, ran a red light and got ticketed. I do not see any reason why they would not pay for the full cost of repairing my car. I am worried about visiting a doctor for my neck because they will probably refuse to pay for that too. How do I convince them to work with me?

A:  Hiring a auto accident attorney is the quickest way to convince the insurance company to pay out. In cases of clear liability we generally are generally able to procure the full amount of your vehicle damage, and we do that for free.  You should immediately seek medical care and I can help.  We can probably recover money for you for pain and suffering as well.  In fact, unless we do, you owe us nothing.  No attorney’s fee, no costs, nothing.

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Accident Attorney Q&A: What Happens If You Are In A Car Accident Out Of State?

atlanta georgia traffic accident

General Accident Question:  My wife and I were on vacation in Georgia, driving our own vehicle, when we got rearended at a red light.  The other driver’s insurance company had our vehicle towed back to town and put us in a rental car; they’ve been really good, one of the big companies.  We thought we would get better, but we seem to get stiffer and sorer every day.  It happened a week ago; Is there anything different that applies to us since we were in another state?

Auto Accident Attorney:  As you were in your own car even though the accident occurred in Georgia, you are entitled to $10,000 in medical expense and lost wage benefits regardless of who was at fault.  You MUST seek treatment within 14 days of the accident or lose those benefits, however.  Georgia requires bodily injury liability coverage and there is no particular requirement for an injury to recover money for pain and suffering, therefore we should be able to recover money for you for just that and you owe us nothing if we do not

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Should I Hire A Lawyer If The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Is Not Being Compliant?

insurance company tug of war

Attorney Question: My little brother was in an accident three days ago.  He said the other driver ran a stop sign and there is a witness and he has their info but the police didn’t issue any tickets.  Now the other guy’s insurance company is really jerking him around on fixing his car saying my brother was partly at fault.  His neck is sore.  Can you help him?

Car Accident Attorney: Yes on all counts. Playing tug of war with an insurance company is never fun. Unfortunately we hear of cases like these all too often. It is cheaper for the insurance company to deny your claim then to pay out. Some victims with righteous claims don’t know the wiser and just accept what the insurance company has told them. We can get him the treatment he needs and with that witness information I am confident he will prevail on his vehicle damage.  Plus, we can probably recover money for him for pain and suffering.  Our consultations are free and we can be reached after hours.

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Are Police Liable If They Cause An Accident While Driving With Their Siren On

child hit by car


Car Accident Question:  My son was listening to music on his headphones while crossing the highway the other day on his bicycle coming home from school.  He had a clear to cross signal and there’s a witness to that.  He got hit in broad daylight by a police officer and he’s badly scraped up and it fractured his forearm.  He went to the emergency room of course and has a cast on the arm.  So far the company handling claims for the police department is saying that the officer had his lights and siren on and they’re not liable. What should we do?

Auto Accident Lawyer:  Your son is entitled to $10,000 in medical expense and lost wage benefits if lost wages apply no matter who was at fault from your own auto policy if you and/or your wife own a vehicle.  In addition, while a police officer responding to a potentially emergent situation is given considerable latitude, that does not entitle them to mow down pedestrians or bicyclists in broad daylight; they must use a standard of care.  I believe I can recover money for your son for pain and suffering and it may be substantial considering the fractured arm.  Unless we do, you owe us nothing.

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Car Accident: I Did Not Own The Car I Was Driving… Who Pays My Medical Bills?

car wreck

Car Accident Victim:  This is something of an unusual situation.  I was buying my buddy’s car but still had an installment to make and the vehicle is not titled or registered to me yet.  I was driving it the other day and a guy blew a red light and hit me.  I am sore all over but afraid to visit the doctor because of the cost. The other guy had good insurance and they’re fixing the car. My question is does the other driver’s insurance also pay for my medical bills even though I did not own the car I was driving? Should I bother with a expensive lawyer?

Car Accident Attorney:  The order of priority under our state No Fault Law for medical expense and lost wage benefits is clear.  If you owned a vehicle on the date of the accident, it is your coverage that pays those benefits even though not involved.  If you did not own a vehicle, but lived with a relative who did, it is the relative’s auto coverage that pays those (again, medical expense and lost wage) benefits.  If you neither owned a vehicle nor lived with a relative who did, you still draw your friend’s no fault coverage because you occupied the vehicle. Plus, we can probably collect pain and suffering money for you. Our service is actually free unless we are able to collect compensation for your pain and suffering.

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