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Attorney Q&A: Are Motorscooter Accidents Eligible For Florida’s No Fault Coverage?

Q:  I was riding my scooter (two wheeled) to the convenience store the other day when a driver ran a red light and knocked me to the pavement. [..]

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Attorney Q&A: Does Florida No Fault Insurance Cover Pedestrians If They Are Hit By A Car?

Q:  I was crossing the street the other day with a “clear to walk” sign for pedestrians (I have two witnesses and they spoke to the police) and [..]

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Attorney Q&A: Should My Auto Insurance Pay My Medical Bills Even If The Other Driver Caused The Accident?

Q:  My wife in a car accident in Orlando last month.  She was rear-ended while sitting at a stop sign.  After exchanging insurance information we found the driver [..]

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Attorney Q&A: Golf Cart Hit By Car – Can You Use Your Auto Policy?

Q:  I was in a golf cart the other day going through the parking lot of my favorite club when a brand new Cadillac backed into me, knocking the [..]

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