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The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Group strives to provide clients with compassionate and effective legal services.  We are an experienced personal injury group with a proven victory record in various types of legal situations. We are committed to protecting the rights of injury victims by fighting for a fair and reasonable settlement.

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Orlando Personal Injury Attorney

If you are ever involved in an accident that results in serious injuries, it can be both traumatic and devastating for you and your family. An unexpected situation like this can leave you confused, emotionally distraught, and not sure of what to do. Who will pay for your treatment? A Orlando personal injury attorney can provide you with the companionate and dedicated legal representation you require in such cases. Your initial priority after an injury is to make sure you receive the necessary medical treatment to begin the process of recovery. The legal staff at The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer will take care of the legal portion of your claim, ensuring you are protected with regard to the medical treatment you are entitled to. When it’s personal, you can depend on us.

Orlando Car Accident Lawyer

Our group provides legal representation for clients in various kinds of accidents, like car accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and boat accidents. The people who have fallen victim to drunk driving accidents, rollover accidents, or hit and run accidents should seek legal counsel before filing a claim for compensation. Most workers injured in on the job accidents usually need assistance with workers compensation claims, otherwise they may not receive the full benefits of workers compensation. We make ourselves readily available to discuss your case and ensure that your rights are preserved. We offer solid legal representation in a variety of injuries, including brain and spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, fractured bones, and injuries from an explosion. Legal council is available to families who have lost a loved one and are willing to file a wrongful death claim on their behalf.

Car Accident

Orlando Accident Attorney

Our law group takes great pride in the knowledge we have acquired from years of practicing  personal injury law and litigation.  When you make the choice of working with one of our Orlando personal injury attorneys, it is probably because you or a family member have been involved in a severe accident that resulted in an injury or even death. We are perpetually working to better ourselves so we can give out client the best outcome possible. If you or a family member have been the victim of a car accident, trucking accident, construction accident, or medical malpractice, you can relax in knowing we will do everything we can to get the compensation you deserve.

Top 10 Worst Mistakes You Can Make If You Are In A Car Accident

1. Not Filing a Police Report After An Accident.

If you have been in a car accident you should call the police or state highway patrol so they can fill out a accident report. This document usually will have the names of the people involved in the wreck, their contact information, and their insurance information. If there was any laws violated, it should be included in the police report. Also some officers will take the time to write down the statements of witnesses, take pictures or draw out the scene of the accident. These reports can help your case in a court of law.

2. Not Quickly Getting Medical Attention.

You may have been injured but not know it yet. Whiplash, headaches, and bruising are common symptoms that do not surface until a few days after the accident. If you go to the hospital directly after the accident a medical report will be established, even if they find nothing wrong with you. It is important to document everything.

3. Not Creating A Written Account Of What Happened

Most people would not think to write down what happened during the accident. You should do this, and place a correct date and time on it. If for some reason you do need to go to court over the personal injury, you will have a written account to present to the court. Court dates are set many months after the incident and by that time some of the details may become foggy. A written report will help jog your memory.


POSTED ON MARCH 14, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Driving Drowsy More Dangerous Than Previously Thought

POSTED ON MAY 14, 2013 By Charles Franklin

You often hear about car accidents as a result of a reckless drunk driver or even a distracted driver who was texting. What about the drivers who are completely sober. The ones who are on their commute home after a triple shift at work. You wake up to jerk the car back onto the road after dozing off. Most of the time, sleepy drivers will make it to their destination… but not always. Drowsy drivers can accidentally over correct into oncoming traffic or fall asleep and drive off the road completely.

Drowsy Driving Statistics:

About 37% of drivers reported that they had fallen asleep while driving at some period in their life. Fallen asleep! As in, these drivers were completely unconscious while traveling 70 mph down the highway. Between 2000 to 2010 over 11,000 people were killed because of drowsy drivers. About 60% of participates reported driving while sleepy.

According to the AAA Foundation, drowsy driving accounts for an estimated 12.5% of fatal car crashes.

Difficult To Prove:

The main problem with regulating sleepy drivers is proving it. It is simple to determine if someone was driving while intoxicated by taking a blood sample or having them take a breathalyzer test. Distracted driving can be proven by pulling phone records and looking at the phone. Proving that someone was driving drowsy is very difficult because there are no real tests for it. Highway patrol is only able to determine if a crash was fatigue related if there are no signs that a driver attempted to prevent the crash like skid marks. This is the type of evidence that would be used by our Orlando car accident lawyer to prove negligence in court.

Currently a bill is working through Arkansas that would allow prosecutors to apply negligent homicide to drowsy drivers that cause fatal crashes.


Q:  I had a lady slam on the brakes when a light turned yellow and I ran into the back of her.  I was following at a prudent distance, but her brake lights weren't working. She got a ticket for faulty equipment, but I got one for careless driving.  I'm stiff and sore all over and this happened two days ago.  I'm insured and so is she. I am pretty sure if it would have been avoidable if her brake lights were functioning.  Am I fully liable even though her brake lights were not working? Who covers the damage done to my car and doctors appointments?

A:  Your no fault coverage will take care of your medical expenses and lost wages up to $10,000 with basic coverage.  A Florida Supreme Court ruling, Chiles vs. Beaudoin, holds that you may be deemed to be partly at fault, however, the lack of brake lights created an optical illusion if you will and that same ruling holds that she can be held civilly liable.  You probably also have questions about your car damage and your traffic ticket.  A consultation with one of our Orlando accident attorneys is free and we're more than happy to discuss this further, even after hours.  407.924.4566


Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: If I Rear End A Car With Non-Functional Brake Lights Who Is Liable?

POSTED ON MAY 28, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: Do I Use My Own Car Insurance If I am Hit By A Car While Riding My Bicycle?

POSTED ON MAY 31, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Q:  I was on my bicycle the other day and had a clear to cross pedestrian signal and a driver ran the red light and knocked me down to the pavement.  My arm got badly scraped and I know will result in significant scarring and I broke my index finger on my left hand.  I do own a car and I've read up about no fault coverage. I also know I carry uninsured motorist protection.  I did go to an emergency room right after the accident.

A field adjuster for the driver's insurance company came out and offered to cut me a check for my bicycle, but also stated my own coverage pays my medical bills, but that they would offer me $5,000 for my injuries for pain and suffering, and that there was only a maximum of $10,000 in liability coverage, and if I hired a Orlando accident attorney, they'd just eat it up with lawyer's fees and expenses. Do I use my own car insurance if I am hit by a car while riding my bicycle? What are your thoughts?

A:  I'm thankful you sought treatment right away.  It is true that your auto coverage pays medical expenses (and lost wages where they apply) up to $10,000 with basic coverage.  That said, insurance adjusters are sneaky and are trained to pay out as little as they can.  Since you carry uninsured motorist protection, you can pursue…


Q:  I took a taxi home from the Orlando airport the other day, well, almost home…we got rearended at a red light.  The police came out and the other driver got a ticket.  It was a big hit, a lot of damage to the taxi, really crumpled the bumper and trunk lid.  I’ve read about Florida’s no fault coverage so I called my own auto insurance company and they said I don’t get the coverage because I was in a taxicab.  The other vehicle was a commercial van for a bakery and their insurance company has already contacted me and want to settle.  I’m sore all over; I should probably see a doctor but I am afraid I will not be able to afford it. Can you help me or do I need to find a taxi accident attorney specialist of some sort?

A:  We can certainly help you.  Your insurance company is correct because taxicabs are an excluded class of vehicle under our No Fault Law.  That said, the insurance company for the commercial (bakery) vehicle will be responsible for your medical bills and money to you for pain and suffering with no particular requirement regarding your injuries; you do not have to meet the permanent injury requirement.  You do not have to seek treatment within any specified time frame, but obviously the sooner the better and we can help.  Our consultations are free and we’re more than happy to meet after hours including weekends.

Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: A Taxi I Was Riding In Was Rear Ended, Who Pays For My Medical Bills?

POSTED ON JUNE 19, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Q:  A buddy of mine got in an accident two years ago and he said it's taking forever with his lawyer to get things done.  I had an auto accident two days ago and want to be sure I'm fully compensated but don't want it to take forever.  What can I do to help make sure my auto accident case is settled quickly?

A:  You should focus on healing by immediately seeking medical treatment. If you are not sure which doctor to go to we can point you in the right direction. We simply need for you to reach maximum medical improvement, the stage where your doctor releases you, and sends us a final report. On average, that takes three or four months.  We put in a demand for settlement, and usually resolve cases, for a good sum, within thirty days. Granted, if a lawsuit must be filed, it can take a year or more, as we go through the discovery process (depositions and the like) and it's dependent on the trial court's schedule as well.  That said, most often insurance companies settle because they know we will file suit if they don't, and we settle for maximum value.  Our consultations are free and we're happy to meet even after hours.

Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: What Can I Do To Help Make Sure My Auto Accident Case Is Settled Quickly?

POSTED ON JUNE 12, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Car Accident Victim:  I was with a buddy out in an antique (and so registered with the state) pickup, and another guy ran a red light and slammed into the driver's door. There were two witnesses, and the other driver looked like he had good insurance.  Because of the age of the old truck, my buddy accidentally let his insurance lapse.  I do own a pickup of my own and it's insured. After taking a trip to the emergency room, I checked out for minor bruising but the doctor's told my buddy that his left arm is fractured. Am I able to use my insurance to help pay for my friend's doctor bills? What should we do from here?

Orlando Accident Attorney: Unfortunately, your friend will not be able to use your car insurance unless he was listed on your policy. However, you will be able to draw your medical expense and lost wage benefits up to $10,000 from your own auto insurance even though your truck was not involved in the accident.

Your friend may frankly be out of luck on such no fault coverage if indeed his no fault coverage was lapsed. There are still options though. We can possibly recover money for the both of you from the at fault driver's insurance company to compensate for pain and suffering (and for your friend his medical expenses and lost wages) depending on the nature of your injuries.  Unless we do recover money for you you owe us nothing. We do not get paid unless you get paid. Get more information about car accidents here.

Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: What Happens If You Are In A Car Accident With No Insurance?

POSTED ON JULY 19, 2013 By Charles Franklin

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