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Brain and Spine injuries are one of the most serious and life changing types of catastrophic injuries. Brain injuries can irreversibly affect the victims memory, cognitive ability, emotional well being, and physical health. In some cases, a traumatic brain injury can result in a life long coma or vegetative state. Spine injuries can range from a lifetime of back pain to the complete inability to walk. Although no price can be placed on the ability to walk, the right attorney will fight to ensure you are compensated for your loss.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that was the resulted in a traumatic brain or spine injury, you have a legal right to seek compensation for injuries and other losses. Since the average citizen is not well versed with the legal system, we recommend speaking with one of our team to figure out the right legal actions to take. An Orlando brain and spine injury lawyer will have the best advice after listening to the details of your situation and if needed, provide legal representation. We make sure your legal rights will be preserved that way you can concentrate on what matters most: healing.

Spinal cord injuries are usually considered to be catastrophic: “the type of injury that causes irreversible damages that will change the victim’s life due to the  reckless act of another person.” Our attorneys can help get to the bottom of the case and determine who is resposible for the damages and what compensation can possibly be claimed.

Spinal cord injuries can result in:

Paralysis - The loss of feeling in one’s extremeties

Paraplegia - The loss of feeling in one’s legs. Usually prevents a person from being able to walk again.

Quadriplegia - The loss of the ability to use one’s arms and legs.

Medical support and care required for spinal and brain injuries will be very costly, often reaching well over a hundred thousand dollars in the first month or so. Although no amount of money will bring back what has been stolen from you, Our team will pursue the maximum possible compensation that reflects your damages. Never settle an insurance claim before consulting with a law firm. Insurance companies will always try to get away with making you settle for less then what your injuries are worth.

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