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Dog owners have a duty under state law to protect others from attacks by their dog. When a dog owner has failed to train his or her animal correctly, or has allowed it to roam outside its enclosed area, children and adults can face serious injuries if attacked. Dog bite injuries range from mild to severe, sometimes resulting in permanent scarring, dangerous infections, torn muscles and skin, and even death. Serious injuries that result in permanent scarring or other long-term damage will require high value compensation.

More often than not, children are the victims when dogs attack. Wounds created by dog attacks range from cuts and scratches to deep punctures and even death. Even if the victim walks away, dog bite injuries can leave permanent physical and emotional scaring.

Most of the time the owner of the vicious dog is held responsible. The amount of compensation sought after varies depending on the severity of the injuries sustained from the dog bite. If the dog attack results in long term damage that will directly affect the future of the victim, higher value compensation will be sought. The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer has been helping victims recover money for dog bite injury claims since 2008.

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Dog Bite Injury?


Frequent Questions:

POSTED ON AUGUST 18, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Dog Bite Lawyer Q&A: My Son Was Bite By Our Neighbor’s Dog, Do I Have A Case?

Dog Bite Victim Question:  My son was in our yard with some friends and I was in a lawn chair watching them.  My neighbor's dog came into our yard and bit my son several times on the legs until I chased him away.  I took him to the emergency room and he took several stitches.  I spoke with my neighbor who owns the house next door about just paying the medical bills and he got argumentative with me.  Can you help us?

Orlando Dog Bite Attorney:  Yes.  As a homeowner, provided he has homeowner's insurance (generally a requirement) and as you and your son and friends witnessed that he (your son) was in your own yard and the unleashed dog crossed onto your property and attacked, I can place the neighbor on notice and compel disclosure of his homeowner's insurance carrier and policy number.  We will be out to not only recover medical expenses, but money for pain and suffering as well.  Our consultations are free and we can be reached (and met with) after hours including weekends.  Unless we recover money for you, you owe us nothing.