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When a motorcycle accident happens due to another drivers' negligence on the road, victims and their families have the right to take legal action to seek justice and receive the compensation that they deserve. Motorcycles do not offer any protection to riders in the event of an accident. Talking to a Orlando motorcycle accident attorney will help you determine if you are entitled to compensation. Most of the time the rider is left catastrophically injured, or killed as a result. Even if a rider was wearing a helmet, motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic. Broken bones, road rash, paralysis, and even death are common injuries sustained from crashing a motorcycle.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident that was the result of another driver, you have a legal right to seek compensation for injuries and other losses. Since the average citizen is not well versed with the legal system, we recommend speaking with one of our team. An Orlando motorcycle accident lawyer will have the best advice after listening to the details of your situation and if needed, provide legal representation. We make sure your legal rights will be preserved that way you can concentrate on what matters most: healing.


Motorcycle Accident?

A serious motorcycle accident can lead to a variety of unexpected ramifications. Hospital bills, follow up doctor visits, medication, and lost wages only add to your long term financial burden. Guiding you through this mess is an important part of what The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer can help with. The following is some of the expenses you may be able to recover:

Emergency transport expenses (Ambulance/Emergency Helicopter)

Hospital costs

Medical Expenses (Surgery, Medication, Physical therapy)

Damages to the vehicle

Lost wages from missed work

Pain and Suffering

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Frequent Questions:

POSTED By Charles Franklin

Motorcycle accident victim:  I was at Bike Week and was sitting on my motorcycle in front of a bar and this drunk driver careened into me and two other bikers, knocking us down to the ground.

I got scraped up pretty bad and whisked off to the emergency room.  I admit I had had a few drinks myself (if that makes a difference) but no blood was drawn at the hospital.  He was arrested for DUI and his insurance company contacted my buddies, then me, about repairs to our bikes.  They also said they might give me some money for my injuries.  What do you think?

Motorcycle Accident attorney:  That insurance company has to be concerned that in cases where their insured is nailed for DUI, it often becomes a much bigger case money wise.  Also, as you were on a motorcycle there is no particular qualification for your injury to collect, which traditionally means more money also.  You were not driving the motorcycle so the fact you had been drinking is irrelevant.  On average, we would collect considerably more money for you than anything they might offer now.  Our consultations are free and we are happy to meet after hours.  

Motorcycle lawyer Q&A: I Was Hit By A Car While Sitting On My Motorcycle, Do I Have A Case?

POSTED ON JULY 18, 2013 By Charles Franklin