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Car accidents happen everyday in the Florida. You see it on the news but never really expect it to happen to you. So when it does, most people are not prepared or know what to do. Traffic accidents are more frequent in highly populated areas and Orlando is no exception. Unfortunately most of these wrecks are not accidents at all, but rather due to negligence on the roadways.  There are specific Florida laws in place to prevent the victims from having to pay for the damages they did not cause. In other words, if you did not cause the accident we can fight to ensure the responsible party pay for your damages.

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Q:  I've read some of your previous posts and you're right, no amount of money would ever "make up for" pain and suffering.  My son and I were in a bad accident the other day, hit by a commercial truck, and he fractured his skull.  I'm being told he may never be the same. My back is severely sore, I'm now being told there is a small fracture to something the doctors called a "spinous process" in my spine and that hopefully it will not fragment and require surgery.  The commercial truck's company has been Johnny on the spot in making and estimate and having my car damage repairs initiated, and have me in a nice rental car.

The insurance adjuster remarked while he was doing the estimate that "You won't make more money with an attorney, they just take a significant portion of any settlement.  Don't worry, we'll do right by you and your son."  Your thoughts?

A:  A fractured skull is something that a board certified neurologist or neuropsychologist should examine soon if they have not already; we most likely have a brain injury that can result in deficits.  While we know that you have a fracture to one of your spinous processes (essentially a bony "fin" on the back of a vertebra in your spine) I'm uncertain if you've had a CT or MRI scan yet to tell us if there are any disk injuries.  Many commercial vehicles carry a million dollars or more in coverage (often multi-millions) and while they say they will "do right" by you and your son, the injuries are severe, and the standard tactic is to settle for as little as they can and as slowly as they can.  With an attorney, there is always the threat of a lawsuit and letting a jury decide.  Traditionally, you net more money with an attorney on your side, not less.  Our consultations are free and we're happy to explain your full rights and benefits whether you hire us or not.

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Attorney Q&A: Their Insurance Company Has Been Taking Care Of Us, Should I Still Hire A Car Accident Lawyer?

POSTED ON MAY 23, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Drunk Driving Car Accidents

There is a reason drinking and driving is a illegal. Intoxicated drivers endanger not only themselves but everybody around them. Motor skills, vision, and reaction times are all affected when a driver has alcohol in the system.

Hit and Run Car Accidents

Fleeing the scene of an accident is not only dangerous but illegal. If a driver hits you then drives off without calling 911 you may not get the medical attention you need in time. If you or your car was hit and the other driver fled the scene we will seek the maximum possible compensation.

Aggressive Driving Auto Accidents

Too many accidents are the result of an aggressive driver’s complete ignorance for the safety of other drivers on the road. Excessive speeding, weaving through traffic, and tail gating are all examples of aggressive driving. We are experienced with these cases.

Insurance Bad Faith

This is where insurance companies will prolong claim payments or try to completely avoid paying a valid claim altogether. If your insurance company postpones paying you on your policy or rejects a legitimate claim, it is within your legal means to file an insurance bad faith lawsuit. This occurs more often then you would think and many people just let it happen.

Distracted Driver Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents as caused by distracted drivers has risen significantly due to portable technology like cell phones, complex radios, and fast food. Drivers are required to keep their full attention to the road. Everyday you see many people driving while completely distracted from the road, often due to texting, talking on the phone, eating, adjusting with the stereo or even sleeping while at the wheel.

Defective Roads

Large potholes and broken guard rails are common problems that create unsafe road surfaces. If your car strikes a large pothole that forces your car to veer off road and crash, you make have a case. If you or a loved one have crashed because of a defective road structure, talk to The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer as you may be eligible for compensation.

Orlando Car Accident Lawyer  -  407.924.4566 -

POSTED By Charles Franklin

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What Can A Orlando Car Accident Lawyer Do To Assist Me?

A traffic accident can lead to a variety of unexpected ramifications. Hospital bills, follow up doctor visits, medication, and lost wages only add to your long term financial burden. Guiding you through this mess is an important part of what The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer can help with.If you or a loved one has been involved in a traffic accident that was the result of another driver, you have a legal right to seek compensation for injuries and other losses. Since the average citizen is not well versed with the legal system, we recommend speaking with one of our team. An Orlando car accident attorney will have the best advice after listening to the details of your situation and if needed, provide legal representation. We make sure your legal rights will be preserved that way you can concentrate on what matters most: healing.

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Q:  I was in a car accident three days ago. The guy hit me after running at red light and he even admitted fault to the police.  I thought I walked away okay, but my neck's real sore now. What kind of doctor should I see?

A:  Licensed physicians of all types, chiropractors, osteopaths, medical doctors of all specialties are quite capable at treating that kind of injury.  We like to deal with doctors who not only treat their patients well but are adept at testifying if we need them to. Some people make the mistake of not recognizing that they are actually hurt and wait too long to get treated. Moreover, we believe everyone should have a scan (CT or MRI) so we know fully what we're dealing with and where appropriate get a second opinion.  If you have more than one doctor assessing what we call an impairment rating, this generally adds a great deal of value to a claim (more money) and our goal is to get you as much compensation for what you've been through as possible.  Our consultations are free and remember to seek medical treatment (we can help) within 14 days of the accident or you lose $10,000 in medical expense and lost wage benefits.

If you contact us at 407-924-4566 we may be able to help.

Orlando Accident Attorney Q&A: What Kind Of Doctor Should You See After A Car Accident?

POSTED ON JUNE 04, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Q:  My friend was in an car accident six months ago and he said the other day he feels like his attorney's philosophy is "We shouldn't be costing insurance companies all this money."  He's still hurting but his lawyer is encouraging him to quit treatment so he can submit a quick settlement. Now, my wife was in an minor car accident yesterday and I was not sure if we should bother hiring a car accident lawyer or not.  I'm concerned about the cost of hiring one because I hear they are expensive.  Also I keep hearing that if everyone sued the insurance company after a car accident the rates for everyone would go up. What can you tell us?

A:  Our firm just resolved another minor accident case for $100,000.00 this afternoon and there is still another layer of insurance coverage to pursue in that case. So yes, it would benefit you to at least talk to a attorney about your case. Regarding our legal fees, you do not owe us anything unless we are able to secure a settlement for you. I can tell you that insurance companies cry poormouth and try to convince the public that pursuing an injury claim, even getting the treatment you need, is somehow unjust.  Yet all the major insurance


Attorney Q&A: Do You Hire A Car Accident Lawyer Even If Your Injuries Are Minor?

POSTED ON JUNE 09, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Q:  I got hit by a drunk driver last week.  He was arrested for DUI.  I did get checked out by a doctor.  On the one hand, the other driver's insurance company is saying they might pay me a little money (like a couple of hundred) for my injuries, but they keep saying it was a "minor impact" and wondering how could possibly be hurt.  Well, it wasn't any minor impact to me.  I was walloped, and hit the steering wheel.  It really damaged the drunk driver's car.  Granted, it only cost a little over five hundred dollars to repair my rear bumper, but I feel I should be compensated, especially if this pain is not going to go away. What should I do from here?

A:  There was a case tried in Osceola County a few years back where the at fault driver's insurance company argued that...."minor impact" and that it was "only" a muscular strain.  Nonetheless, the jury came back with over sixty thousand dollars as an award.  All cases can be different, but the fact the defendant was driving drunk adds monetary value to your claim and I believe it's safe to say it's worth a lot more than a few hundred dollars for pain and suffering.  Our consultations are free with no obligation and we are happy to meet after hours.  The Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer 407-924-4566

Car Accident Attorney Q&A: Should I Hire A Car Accident Attorney Even If Collision Was A “Minor Impact?”

POSTED ON JULY 17, 2013 By Charles Franklin

Q:  The at fault driver’s insurance company is refusing to pay for damages after our car crash. My accident was four days ago, and I'm still pretty sore.

The place where my car was towed wrote up an estimate for the repair, and the other guy's insurance company went out and only want to pay like half the damages.  He was clearly at fault, ran a red light and got ticketed. I do not see any reason why they would not pay for the full cost of repairing my car. I am worried about visiting a doctor for my neck because they will probably refuse to pay for that too. How do I convince them to work with me?

A:  Hiring a auto accident attorney is the quickest way to convince the insurance company to pay out. In cases of clear liability we generally are generally able to procure the full amount of your vehicle damage, and we do that for free.  You should immediately seek medical care and I can help.  We can probably recover money for you for pain and suffering as well.  In fact, unless we do, you owe us nothing.  No attorney's fee, no costs, nothing.

Attorney Q&A: At Fault Driver’s Insurance Is Refusing To Pay For Damages After Auto Accident: What Can I Do?

POSTED ON JULY 18, 2013 By Charles Franklin

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